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Raechel Donahue has spent most of her adult life as a popular radio personality, beginning at KSAN in San Francisco and moving on to L.A. where she starred on KMET, KWEST, KROQ, KIIS FM, MARS, The EDGE and even a stint on Gene Autry's big band station KMPC FM, where she outpaced the legendary Robert W. Morgan in the ratings. These days she limits her radio presence to a Sunday midday show on the Top 40 Internet station, playing pretty much the antithesis of the music that she played while making her bones.

Featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Paley Center -- formerly the Museum of Television and Radio -- Raechel is considered to be one of the earliest influencers in radio. Performing as voice actor, Donahue has done hundreds of movies, TV shows, and commercials.

In recent years, video resuscitated the radio star, as she wrote, produced, and directed several documentaries for public television, including "Heart Mountain: An All American Town", the history of the children imprisoned in the Wyoming Japanese internment camp, and "Drawn to Yellowstone", a study of how art was used to influence the U.S. government to create the nation's first national park. She also produced a Carolyn Travis documentary called "Rock Jocks" that recalled those early days of radio.

Currently, the retired Raechel is working with Ross Fineman to produce a TV series about the formative years of S.F. FM radio, and is also signed on as an executive producer with Andy Borses on an ambitious project about the politics and peril of FM 60s radio in New York.

Looking forward, Donahue has denied planning a memoir, although she is contributing to an historical treatise by Jeff House. Still, who knows?

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