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A popular radio personality for most of her adult life, Raechel Donahue was honored recently by the Museum of Television and Radio for her contributions to the media. She is part of the museum's exhibition called "She Made It" which is running in both New York and Beverly Hills. "In addition to her radio work, Donahue's voice has been featured in nearly two hundred movies and television shows. (Click here to see a partial list). Her one minute comedy piece Brush With Fame is aired daily across the country, and her monthly film review column, The Reel Deal, runs in five Los Angeles area magazines. Raechel's books include "Golden Rules for Modern Romance, "Golden Rules for Modern Etiquette," and "The Ropes". Her e-mystery novel about Venice Beach, "The Venetian Duck", is available for preview and purchase on this site. and she is now producing a Wyoming PBS documentary, “Drawn to Yellowstone.” The pages inside are for your entertainment…so come on in!

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